Next Player Drafted?

Who is the next Niner football player to be drafted? Anyone already have a slight chance at being drafted next year?

My first thoughts would be Benny Lemay, Alex Highsmith, Cameron Clark, and Ben Deluca in no particular order.

i think deluca will probably be drafted. seems to have the measureables and productivity. him and highsmith should be drafted this season. i know highsmith is a bit of a tweener but i think they will find a place for him as a hybrid lb/de. i think lemay gets drafted between 5-7th round too.

I think we have several that will be seniors next year.

Almost certain:
Cam Clark - (most likely, and his name comes up often in this fashion)

Alex Highsmith - (premium position)
Benny Lemay

Stranger things have happened:
Ben Deluca
Marquill Osborne
Jeff Gemmell

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With all the names above, I think next year we have an excellent chance of having multiple draft picks.

I’ll be curious to see the progression of Nafees Lyons as well to all those previously mentioned.

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To me, it’s almost certainly Lemay.

I don’t think the rest are big enough/athletic enough (relative to the NFL) to be drafted.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all get invites to camp and someone sticks

Highsmith based on the value of the position in the NFL, even as a hybrid player. Unfortunately for Lemay, the majority of RBs are going later in the draft.

I agree with the sentiment, his problem is his position. Safety and RB seem to no longer be valued as far as draft stock goes. I think he’s one of the better players and prospects we’ve had, but his position does him no favors.

Clark and Highsmith kind of have the opposite thing going for them.

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Cruz could but has to do more work. He was 8/10 from 40+ Yds but think his % was less from under 40 Yds. Only 0-3 kickers are drafted normally I believe. He obviously has a better chance in a k tryout.


Not even a close second according to the analytics.

PFF showing our D some more love.

If I remember correctly Alex was top 5-10 in the nation by PFF’s metric. Could be a really big year for him if he keeps his current trajectory.

We’ll see what our D can really do, on September 7th.

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Highsmith #3.

PFF showing us a lot of love.

So realistically, Clark, highsmith, lemay, and deluca could all get drafted after this season. Thats pretty impressive.

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