Who do you think the Panthers will take at the 14th Pick?

I would love to see the Panthers get Shawne Merriman from Maryland- LB. The guy is a bad ass

I hear wayyyyyyyyyyyy too many people have been named. It’s kinda difficult cuz all the other 13 teams ahead of us could be VERY unpredictable. I have heard everybody from Troy Williamson to Mike Williams to Derrick Johnson of Texas to even Aaron Rodgers. What the heck happened to him? I thought he was supposed to be #1 and Rick Ballou of Sporting News Radio said if he doesn’t get drafted by anyone in the top 5, he could slip to Carolina or even around #21.

Looks like Thomas Davis of Georgia.

[i]Originally posted by charlotte9er1980[/i]@Apr 23 2005, 04:48 PM [b] Looks like Thomas Davis of Georgia. [/b]
one of my friend's said they they made that pick b/c they can't stop vick, i was suprised that none of the commentators said something like that

they mentioned before the pick about possible linebacker needs and the fact they have to face michael vick twice a year.

anyone else think its unusal to have an active player doing commentating in the draft? i like torry holt but just seems odd they allow an active player

Panthers should trade detroit for one of their wide receivers.

Stephan LeFors=Next Great QB after Jake DelHomme.