Nikolas Graves - 2022 PG - signed NLI with Charlotte

Ditto. I feel like we got lip service to basically keep the current staus quo for another 10 to 20 years.

This will supposedly “clear” things up.

I’ll be very happy if he’s another Eddie!

Are there any other hyphenate schools that go by just their city name?

Example UAB doesn’t go by Birmingham

Does UT San Antonio go by San Antonio?



Proud mom!



Next NIL casualty I presume :roll_eyes:

Why are you presuming that? Also, we need to start offering nil’s.


If he’s gonna be our new top notch player, stands to reason we’d soon get outbid for his services.
And you are correct sir, if we aren’t offering NIL we need to drop back to the SoCo :smirk:

I’m not aware that we’ve lost anyone to NIL at this point. Including JY - that move was not NIL driven.

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You know that for a fact ?

NIL for JY was icing on the cake in College Park. Priority is getting to the next level, as well as not sitting at home during Match Madness, etc.

And you think he’s not going to be sitting at home during March madness at Maryland?


Something sure took him from Kotie, Miami and the ACC which is THE next level…

Someone took his spot. Not saying I disagree with the NIL idea here but I believe someone else committed like the day before he was to visit.

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Said it before, I’ll say it again. Take all the money we’re raising to improve facilities and use it for NIL, it would be used better.

If you think kids are more impressed with building than dollar bills you’re fooling yourself

NIL money can’t come from the school though… Just to be clear.

Also, I suspect the big $ donors could do both.

See that Nik has been assigned #10. Was #5 at GDS - Folkes has that as a Niner. His mother was #12 as a Niner - currently worn by Threadgill on the men’s side.