niner gear is crap

clt browsed the university area for gear yesterday and there is nothing but crap. look on logo been out?

clt knows this has been discussed before, but who allows this crap to be made? whoever it is should be fired on monday. get someone in there with some decent taste and the common sense to not allow uncc or unc charlotte on anything new or with the athletic logo.

clt saw a shirt with the charlotte athletic logo, as well as “uncc alumni”. what the f is that?

quality not quantity. clt will apply for this job and regulate.

[i]Originally posted by cltniners[/i]@Feb 12 2005, 08:44 AM [b] clt will apply for this job and regulate. [/b]
Bring the pain, clt!
[i]Originally posted by cltniners[/i]@Feb 12 2005, 09:44 AM [b] quality not quantity. clt will apply for this job and regulate. [/b]
More power to you.
[i]Originally posted by cltniners[/i]@Feb 12 2005, 08:44 AM [b] quality not quantity. clt will apply for this job and regulate. [/b]
You couldn't do any worse then what is out there now. :P

I have one fitted Charlotte cap I bought at Lids. It’s green with the C logo on front and Charlotte at he back. I’ve worn it so much it’s faded, but its my favorite.

Who ever is in control of licensing out merchandise should really be fired, unless you go to the University area you can’t find anything. And then what they have to offer is mostly crap. :frowning:

clt is ready to go. clt will drink vengence upon crappy merchandise. clt also loves beer.

We’re trying to get people to call us Charlotte. However, at the merch kiosk at the Cinci game all there was “UNC Charlotte” and “University of North Carolina at Charlotte.”

Marketing and merchandising. Thats how you can get more people in the seats.

clt knows the 4 p’s of marketing. put clt in the position to help charlotte.

[i]Originally posted by cltniners[/i]@Feb 12 2005, 06:44 PM [b] put clt in the position to help charlotte. [/b]
The ONLY concern I have with clt taking this position is this slight fear that Alf may become more visible than Norm :)

Charlotte Hats – Lids has 15 or so good hats to choose from I think. I am getting ready to order a bunch.

They are going to be my gifts to the guys in my wedding party. Ha! No cheesy paper-weights from me - wear my school’s hat B@#$%s!

Outside of that WHERE DO WE FIND DECENT CHARLOTTE GEAR!!! It is truly pathetic! I looked at the book store and Gray’s online. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING worth even wasting my time for. Good grief.

Help – sombody help!

I respect Lids because they respect the unrespected. They have f’n Humboldt State University hats!

No one likes the high school t-shirt level crap at the bookstore? I’m shocked!

Ive posted this before but I dont see how hard it is to make something like this, a shirt like this is all I want.

I agree with everyone here on this. Now, here’s my challenge to youse: can anyone direct me to something at a store or on-line that you’d like to see in NINER gear, but has another school or entity represented? I’d like to see some specific styles and items that pass your approval, if only it were available in combos of green/white/black/gray with our name and logos. I’ll be waiting right over here…

Here’s what I’d like to have in Green and Gold.


from what i’ve heard from some of the players we are being sponsored by NIKE next year so new stuff might find its way to our school you never know.

If you don’t like crap, give me a “HELL YEAH!”

i won’t because i’ll wear it even its crap just because our school’s name on it. honestly if it has our name on it i don’t consider it crap

Weren’t we sponsored by NIKE last season? And still no decent gear. <_<

At Triangle town center (mall) in N. east raleigh at a hat/jersey store, I found an XXL niner tshirt. It was too big for me though.

i don’t think we were because when nike sponsors a school they generally go all out if the teams are decent we were officially sponsored by adidas in some sports not sure about the rest of them