Niner Gear Question

Hey everyone…I got ahold of a bunch of these shirts:

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying them at basketball games for $10. Lemme know

Careful…There are lawyers on this board :scared:

Legalities aside (and no offense) but I doubt you’d sell too many of those for $10. They’re about as basic as it gets with Niner shirts and you can get some that are better around town/on campus for the same price. Maybe $5-$7 and you could unload a few. Just my opinion…

more basic the better. Id buy it. Way better than any of the finish line/champs ones ive seen.

Has anbody visited Wingate University is on there. Not all teams are there but it is still a good option. Better than what we currently have. I sent them an email asking about adding Charlotte. They said they would look into it. The more of us to inquire would help.

Wingate had more than 50 options of apparel so I would think we should be able to get something on there. The only thing I fear is that they will offer more with UNCCharlotte than just Charlotte.