Niner Idol Finale

Plug for the Niner Idol Finale poll in which you can decide who wins or something.


Am I posting this because Amanda and I are one of like 8 competitors and we need your votes to win lunch with Lutz? Of course not. I’d never use NNN for such devious purposes. I haven’t had a chance to watch the other entries (or ours) yet because I’m at work, so seriously vote for whoever did the best job. Go Niners!

Dear God that Joy -err uh I mean Joi, was TERRIBLE! I hate to rip her like this, but damn how do you whisper “GO NINERS!” and “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!” ??? It’s a freaking fight song!

Agggh… Anyways, Zach I liked you and Amanda’s creativity.

Thanks for the compliment. Amanda and I tried to come up with something that would be different, but it turns out all we needed to be different was to actually know the words and the tune to the song offhand. :slight_smile: I kid, I kid. Justin and Co. knew it at least.

Hey congrats


Hey no prob.


i think you put this in the wrong thread, but still it is hilarious. Duke sucks so bad that those losers spent days making that, but it was funny i’ll admit


I about died laughing the first time I played that. That’s quality. :thumbsup: