Niner Nation Shirts

Just talked with the sponsors and screen printers today. We are working to have the shirts done on the 7th. Hopefully we can get them to as many new people as possible before ECU. There will also be shirts for sale at Picasso’s Sports Cafe. If you are ever in Picasso’s, thank either one of the Don’s for their support, as well as the Alumni Ass. and Game Rush.

If you want/need a shirt email

what all is going to be available at that time?

I recall Powerbait mentioning T-shirts and hoodies…Hopefully both will be!!

[i]Originally posted by OriginalNinerNation1[/i]@Dec 27 2004, 11:22 PM [b] If you are ever in Picasso's, thank either one of the Don's for their support, as well as [b]the Alumni Ass.[/b] and Game Rush. [/b]
The Alumni Ass? Hey Nick, are you gonna take that? :lol:

Great job with the shirts, guys. I look forward to having a hoodie and t-shirt very soon.

we should have tshirts and hoodies done then. we can also screen print thongs if we can get enough preorders!

I want one!

What was the final design? Sneak peak?

WOOHOO! More new clothes for the new year. There was a time (long ago) that I didn’t appreciate new clothes during the holidays. :smiley:

How much?

same design as last year, just the sponsors have changed. we wanted to keep it uniform so it would match last years shirts. CHARLOTTE IS GOING TO LOOK SO CUTE IN THE NEW NINER NATION SHIRTS.

I was not call Nick an Alumni Ass.
Shirts are $10
powerbait, you dont get one

You’re an alumni Ass!

Seriously though, I have another design that I wanted to go with, but it may be too late. Once again, trying to get them out before ECU has made everything be more hurried than we would like.

Can someone post a pic of the shirts?

[i]Originally posted by C49er[/i]@Dec 28 2004, 06:20 PM [b] [img][/img] [/b]
Isn't it odd that we are wanting to be called Charlotte, yet there is the official scorers table with the big UNCCharlotte posted for all to see. No wonder some of the press still refer to us as UNCC. Gee I wish they would change the name to the University of Charlotte!

I hadn’t thought about that. You think they’re required to have that there?

[i]Originally posted by C49er[/i]@Dec 28 2004, 06:20 PM [b] [img][/img] [/b]
Everything humanly possible should be done to keep this fine group of NINERS sitting at mid-court with their unique and creative NINER NATION shirts. We have GOT to keep the frat-boy-donning-greek-lettered-shirts-no-matter-what-damn-color-they-are from assuming the VERY best seats in Halton Arena.

ROCK ON, NINER NATION!!! You ARE what real NINER spirit is all about. :thumbsup: