"Niner Nation Site" shirt?

Well, over the past couple of weeks I had been contemplating doing a “NINER NATION” shirt for the site here. Mainly I wanted to be able to offer up some GREEN shirts with “NINER NATION” on the front and the site logo on back. I was just about to pull the trigger and a moment of sanity occurred… Seeing as how the CafePress shop I put up has been so successful(being very sarcastic), I just couldn’t see putting the up front money it would take to do the shirts. Also, after getting the opinion of a couple of people, I wasn’t sure how well the design would sell.

So, what I’ve decided to do is to open it up to the masses and get opinions. Perhaps we can design a shirt with this thread and get some type of commitment as to how many would want to go in on it. If no one wants to even mess with this, then just don’t post and this thread will slide to teh bottom of the stack. The design I was going to go with is below along with a couple of other variations. As far as what I was going to print the design on… mostly long sleeve-T’s and a few hoodies.

Again, if you’re interested in something like this or anything else, let us know. If you don’t care, I guess just move to another thread.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

i like the middle two. i would definitely buy one of each. lemme know when i can get my hands on one of those

I would go with a smaller logo on the front…like the C pick over the left breast…yes I said breast and the same logo you have on the back. I will take two adults and three kids size. Don’t forget the little ones for we have to keep this thing growing.

I would definitely buy one or two of the long tees in green but I prefer the deign of the second sweatshirt.

Great idea and keep us posted.

I like the last design, and I would definitely rock a hoodie and a long sleeve tee in that one.

The second hoodie looks the best. I’ll take two.

yeah the second hoodie is nice

I vote for Hoodie #2. I’m not sure which I prefer of the T-Shirts. I like hoodies better than t-shirts either way…as long as they’re green!

I really like the second hoodie. I’d buy one, and I’d probably get one of the long-sleeve tees too.

me encanta numero dos :smiley:

I like the second design the best too, & I’ll take one in a whatever you have made… long sleeve, short sleeve, hooded sweatshirt.

The guys who put together the NN shirts last year are very close to getting them out again this year with hoodies, t-shirts and I believe long sleeves all available. Not trying to take business away from you, but maybe there is a way for the two separate groups to join to make these(would ease the financial part of it at least).

I also think it would be nice to have the front’s of these to match the front of theirs so no matter where they are bought from, they will all be unified. It would make 104 look much better I think.

Just a suggestion.

[i]Originally posted by CMack124[/i]@Dec 18 2004, 07:46 PM [b] I also think it would be nice to have the front's of these to match the front of theirs so no matter where they are bought from, they will all be unified....

Just a suggestion. [/b]

Good suggestion. I agree.

Who the other guys who made them last year?

[i]Originally posted by lutz9er[/i]@Dec 18 2004, 08:15 PM [b] Who the other guys who made them last year? [/b]
i believe Powerbait, aka Nuclear Nance, was the ringleader of it last year

I will take 1 hoodie of the 2nd design. I was going to order some other stuff too, but I was waiting until the green ones were ready so I could order everything at once. :wink:

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clt wants one with just niner nation. no logo unless it is the heineken star.

Powerbait, AKA Ricky AKA Nucluer nance, and I made the shirts last year. We are making the same designed t-shirt(150 so there is plenty to go around) and Hoodies. We were going to change the design, but we want to keep it uniform. One of the reasons we started Niner Nation last year, was becuase everyone came with UNC or Duke gear or they looked like they were about to go clubbing. Noone has school support. We want to keep the logos the same, so hopefully, we can atleast get 104 and non-greek 105 to be uniformed Green Shirts with White “NINER NATION”. If you want the shirt to be out by ECU, call Seth at Grey’s and tell him to get a move on it. We are trying our hardest to get the shirt out for Conference.

Is there anyone that camps and gets 104 tickets that wants to organize something for Cincy? i cant wait to be sitting front row inviting Huggins to some drinking and driving after the game…

If you want to know when shirts are finally in, where you can get them, or any questions, send an email with contact info to NinerNationShirts@hotmail.com Josh, i have you down for 30!

actually now that i think about it, i bought mine from you, Lex, before i knew who you were