Niner Nation Street Team

We need to put together a street team just like record albels do when they are about to release an album. We need to put the buzz in Charlotte.

We need groups in Uptown and at the University area spreading the “word”. We need to fill the seats for the remainder of our games.

We need our Marketing Department to come up with more creative ways to get people to our games. We are an exciting team to watch and I am sure that if we get people in Halton, they will come back!

As far as the students go, there needs to be a group that goes through every residents hall and the apartments near the campus on game day getting people to come to the game. If you make people feel excited about going to the game, they will show up.

Support the Niners!

We have 3 home games left. One is Homecoming on Saturday the 26. There will be close to a sellout for that game. The other 2 games are on Wednesday nights. Depaul game is the bobble head giveaway which should draw well. Plus they are offering 2 for 1 tix that game. If all things fall into place, that could be a battle for 1st place in CUSA. I have sent an e-mail out to all my friends/ coworkers who don’t have season tix about the 2 for 1 deal. I had 2 people come last night and they will be coming back next week. They need to run the coupon in the Observer either the day before the game or the day of and also advertise the bobbleheads. That might be enough to bring the casual fans out who would only make it to a game or 2 a year.

I guarantee that if you dress up the cheerleaders, dance team or just a group of college hotties and parade them downtown during lunch time in 49er outfits and handing out tickets/flyers, you’ll attract some attention.