Niner Tailgate drinks of choice?


I’m thinking 6-7am bloody Mary with breakfast

Then beer until 11

Then hard liqeur chased with (insert favorite)whiskey and coke until GAME time

Then smuggle flask to the game and mix with concession beverage.

This had generally been the procedure at most tailgates I’ve been to at sec/acc schools.
Don’t want to hit the hard stuff too soon and miss the game!

Bloody Mary to wash down breakfast…
I’ve also brewed a Koelsch that I plan on turning green for gamedays… we’ll be having those by 9!

8am vodka redbull to get the juices flowing

then a few good IPAs throughout the morning for cornhole, socializing, etc.

random tequila shots mixed in throughout just to keep the buzz on the up and up

Ninerschlager toast before the game

then WATER. lots of it.


clt will be enjoying zima ice light.

Amstel Light ;D

I think we are going to start with Mimosas with brunch (Champagne for the first game), then switch to Yuengling because it is a decent beer available in cans, and finish off with whatever they are serving on the deck.

Simple answer here. Alcohol, and lots of it

Bloody Marys and then switching over to an Amber or IPA beer.

Sunshine, Jack or makers, legendary 49er punch, some of the concoctions from the felti and ninerschlager!

This, although you can keep the IPAs :cool:

Straight shots of 151.

Since I don’t have time to properly tailgate, I’ll have to resort to using more efficient ways to get drunk. This really is the school’s fault.

College Football in the South calls for Bourbon…in some capacity

now this is my kind of topic…i will have to drink a mimosa (but only for the wife ;D), bloody mary then beer straight up till kickoff! beer brand TBA.

You are going to hell.

Something light, cold and domestic.

I’m guessing the “liquor before beer, never fear… Beer before liquor, never sicker” quote is a myth. Otherwise some of you may want a trash can near your seat, lol.

I’ll be drinking on maybe some miller lights. Not too concerned about getting a buzz. Will be fun drinking some cold ones and enjoying a historic day.

Highs in upper 70s would be a dream come true.

Woodford Reserve with coke or Apple Pie Moonshine over Apple Cider Rocks.