Niner Village

The purpose of this thread is to compile information about the Niner Village as it becomes avaliable.

In a niner online article:…4/4277c29067ed2

"The need to the entrance comes partly as a result of the development center scheduled to be built around the same time as the Greek village. The center, named 49er Village, is not affiliated with the University, but the private development seeks to work with the University as far as connections to campus. The center will feature new restaurant concepts, shops and more.

Construction for the village could begin as early as June, or as soon as those involved with the village can get supplies together. That is, if the cost of the construction does not exceed the predetermined price to be announced this month."

The 49er Village (shops, restaurant, entertainment) is a GREAT concept. Campus re-design, construction, new front entrance, village!!! It’s really going to be something when completed.

As mentioned, the 49er village is being done by private developers. I hope it’s similar to Birkdale village or the town center in Harrisburg. Anyone know if Noah Lazes is behind it?

Will be a grrrreat place to talk about all of our JUCO and community college studs.

A good place to pick up honies.