Niner World Series

Good chance to see some of the young arms this weekend, including the 9th round draft pick who chose Niner Nation over Red Sox Nation. I plan to make it out to a few of these games.

Game 1: 3:00 Friday- SO Wes Hatley vs FR Brock Hudgens
Game 2: 1:00 Saturday- FR Tyler Barnette vs FR Micah Bryan
Game 3: 5:00 Sunday- TBD
Game 4: next weekend
Game 5: next weekend

β€œ25% of the world is covered by land, 75% is covered by Corey Tilton.”


Game 3 starters will be SO Corey Roberts vs. JR Tyler Pilkington.

Game 1 Recap

Charlotte 49ers Green-White World Series Game 1 Interviews

White wins Game 2 5-4 in extras. Both Freshman pitchers pitched into the 5th. Barnette gave up 1 in the first and Ryan gave up 2 in the first. Nothing after that. Miguel had a HR and RBI single for White team.

I was there today for a bit…guys look very talented, I was impressed.

Green wins game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead. Winners get steak dinner, losers get hot dogs.

Series summary:

Charlotte 49ers Baseball Green-White Weekend Roundup

Game 4, Saturday 10/23 1PM
Game 5, Sunday 10-24 5PM

Anyone heading out to Game 4 on Saturday? I plan on checking it out between the 4.NINER K and the basketball Fan Day at 3:00. Should be an awesome day.

Green team wins the series in spite of the poor decisions by the special guest manager on Saturday. 8)

Baseball Fall Practice Recap