Niner007's 25th Birthday Bash-o-rama and retrospective!!!

Some of the oldtimers probably prefer the Sean Connery Niner007, I always enjoyed the Roger Moore Niner007, I thought Pierce Brosnen did a good job carrying on the Niner007 torch and it remains to be seen how the new Niner007 will do, but the Niner007 girls look like they will be as strong as ever.

But today is the day Niner007 turn 25, the big Quarter Century. Congratulations, you can now rent a car!!!

Even though he hasn’t been here in 2 weeks, his contributions still warrant a retospective.

Here came to us with ideas right out of the gate:

[QUOTE]Is there anyway to get this site linked from the Charlotte athletics site…It would be helpful in guiding more fans that don’t know about these forums as well as our oponents who wish to talk some smack. Can this be “The official forum of the Charlotte 49ers”?
The site looks great…I would suggest some bolder colors though…not this pansy pastel green…maybe use the green like on the old cusa site with some black…Otherwise great site and great job guys![/QUOTE]

Nails Sorensen and Huggins in one post:

[QUOTE]The way sorrensons column is written seems to attack 49ers…as if he is acusing us of hating huggs…Almost like Huggs was the best thing that ever happened to our program…and whats the bit about rodney for? and whats the big deal if we have a little fun with it…after all huggins did mess up pretty bad…and cincy does have a reputaion for stuff like that…its not so much cheering but having a little fun at the expence of a few cincy fans.[/QUOTE]

Don’t think we wasted that scholarship:

[QUOTE]Apparently this guy comes with some bagage…I posted a link to a sooners board on the recruiting thread…I guess there has been some issues with this guys achedemics at oklahoma…I just hope we don’t waste a scholorship on a guy who can’t make it through school. Other than that he seems like a hustler…and gives it all he can on the court.[/QUOTE]

Not afraid to laugh:


A sad, sad story…Hope this didn’t happen on his birthday. But he took this experience and learned from it:

[QUOTE]A couple of years ago during the Bobcats first season I interned for their promotions department. While in the office one day I commented (to an employee) that several of the girls on the cheer squad were students of Charlotte. I may have mentioned that one of my buddies even knows one of the girls. 2 days later I was called into a room and let go (in a very rude manner with out explanation). The employee had twisted the story around and said that I was gauking at the cheerleaders and also said I was trying to get their numbers so I could call them. Believe it or not the entire promotions department was women… and my co-intern was a UNCC student/ Tarheel fan. (I use to rag on her for being a Tarheel fan as well… probably had a lot to do with getting me out of there)

I tell this for a few reasons…

  1. Never trust a woman

  2. Bobcats are a classless organization

  3. This is a good lesson in office politics… So good that I decided I didn’t want to work in an office… so now I work from home as a field marketing rep!

  4. If your looking for a good sports marketing Internship check out the Charlotte checkers… Class A organization!![/QUOTE]

Help celebrate this glorious day, please share your favorite Niner007 stories.

happy bday 007

Happy Bday… I got you a gift hint its a golden gun

Happy birthday 007!

I have faith since he is a Niner that Niner007 will do us all proud by chasing Holly Goodhead and Pussie Galore all over the world during his escapades.

[B][COLOR=Green]Happy birthday![/COLOR][/B]

remember [URL=][COLOR=black]Xenia Onatopp[/COLOR][/URL] likes her martini straight up with a twist…

HAHA Thanks Guys!

Wow I never thought I’d see some of those posts again. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading and posting on this board. Its been a lifeline for me to cover the 49ers since i’ve been in Cali for the last two years. Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm for the 49ers and who make this board such a cool place!