NinerNation.Net Business Cards...

I put together a template for NinerNation.Net business cards to give out to people and possibly leave some at Halton for fans to pick up. I thought I’d post the template here as I know at least one person(JimmyHat) had asked about something like this. The template is for Avery (#8876) Business Cards for inkjets. Post any thoughts you have about it here. Hopefully the slogan I’ve put on there isn’t too un-politically correct…

Go Niners!

[i]Originally posted by NinerMac[/i]@Feb 4 2005, 08:02 AM [b] Hopefully the slogan I've put on there isn't too un-politically correct... [/b]
:lol: I can just see the "newest members" section on Saturday night...






[i]Originally posted by LutzFan[/i]@Feb 4 2005, 08:30 AM [b] NinerFromMexico [/b]
LMFAO!! :P :lol:
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perfect timing for Diego’s bobblehead.

:huh: Que?