Niners in the NFL

Deluca survived the most recent round of cuts today from the Chargers. I’m not seeing him listed to make the roster anywhere, and there are 16 players left to be cut tomorrow. But holding out hope he can make one of the last spots or at least get on the practice squad! Decluca has been one of my favorite players since the beginning of this program.


One of the final cuts unfortunately. Maybe he’ll land with their practice squad.

clt says cam clark is on IR

Harbison is done with football following a neck injury.

Ben DeLuca to Chargers practice squad


Larry O. Having a big day for the Bengals. Not over yet, but so far he has 6 tackles, 1 sack and 2 TFLs. -------- Highsmith with 4 tackles for Pittsburgh.


Both their teams won.

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clt says it is pretty unlikely we will have more than one player in the super bowl

Andy Samberg Boss GIF by reactionseditor

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Just went down. Looked like achilles maybe. Non contact. Carted off.

Bengals initially said foot injury

clt says Larry was on a scooter after the game greeting teammates.

Watched the play again and he appears to tell the trainers he thought he broke his ankle.

I hope he did not break his ankle. I want to see all of our NFL players playing well and not getting hurt. Hoping to see one of them play in the Super Bowl.

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He is on a one year deal. Could hurt his next contract. Hope not. Love Larry!

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