Niners Recruiting LSU Transfer

It appears that we are recruiting Regis Koundjia from LSU. Here is the article from Niner

[b]Charlotte Recruiting LSU Transfer

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Highly-touted as a prep player, but not peforming up to expectations at the collegiate level, former high school All-American, Regis Koundjia a sophomore at Louisiana State University, has withdrawn from classes, and, plans to transfer to another institution. At least five colleges have been granted releases to talk to Koundjia.

As a senior at Laurinburg Institute, N.C., in 2003, 6-foot-8, 200-pound wing forward Regis Koundjia was rated among the Top 25 players in the nation. A spectacular athlete, he was very impressive at the ABCD Camp in Teaneck, N. J., and as the “main man” on Coach Curtis Malone’s Team Assault at the Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas during July, 2003. In December of that year, Koundjia, playing for Laurinburg Institute, scored 24 points in his matchup against former Duke star, and current NBA player, Luol Deng at the GlaxoSmithKline Holiday Tournament in Raleigh, N.C.

Koundjia, a native of Bangui, Central African Republic, came to Coach John Brady’s L.S.U. Tigers program with great expectations. He started in 20 games as a freshman, but, only averaged 3.9 points, 3.6 rebounds, and shoot just 36%. He appeared to struggle in learning to play in a structured team concept, and had very under-developed skills. In a word, Koundjia’s athletic abilities far exceeded his basketball skills and knowledge of the game.

After getting limited playing time at the beginning this season, at the semester break Koundjia went to Washington, D.C., and decided not to return to L.S.U.

According to our sources, Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, Georgetown, George Washington, and Charlotte have all been granted a release by L.S.U. athletic department officials to contact, and recruit Koundjia.

Reportedly, he has now scheduled official visits to Wake Forest and Oklahoma. will keep you informed of future developments.[/b]

Interesting, I believe we were recruiting him out of high school.

Tough crowd going after this guy. OK State has a great reputation for being very good for transfers, and Wake has just as much(if not more) of a home advantage as we would(if there is such a thing for this guy). It would be a GREAT way to use our last 05 scholarship, get a really talented forward who would get to spent next fall practicing with the team and the start playing for us in January. Hopefully, if we did go after him out of high school, that will help us out.

Everyone down here is furious at LSU coach John Brady for letting this guy go. One of the local talk shows mentioned that Regis was a top 50 NBA prospect for guys in his class. LSU’s loss may be our gain. The guy responsible for getting Regis to LSU is none other than former Charlotte assistant Butch Pierre. I hope Butch advises him to pay Bobby a visit.

[i]Originally posted by pcon[/i]@Jan 7 2005, 08:04 PM [b] Interesting, I believe we were recruiting him out of high school. [/b]
Yeah, we did recruit him out of high school, plus there's another connection: Dalonte's AAU team.

Bio Notes: Regis Koundjia is orginally from Central Africa Republic. Regis will play for the DC Assault this spring and summer. He was also invited to the ABCD camp held in early July at FDU.

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[b]According to multiple sources, LSU transfer Regis Koundjia has decided to attend George Washington. “It’s GW,” Laurinburg coach Chris Chaney said. Koundjia visited George Washington, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech officially in the last week.[/b]

Will be good for the A10 then. Welcome Regis.

Going to GW. We were not mention as Wake and Georgetown were the other finalist.

Wow, GW is really turning into a nice program. With GW, Charlotte, Temple, Dayton, St. Joes and Richmond it is a prettygood basketball conference.

You left out Xavier and UMass.

does Fordham and Lasalle get no love here :ph34r:

Fordham will be a true force.