Niners v. Wake now????

After Wake’s recent slide and our recent climb, I am happy to say that I believe that our boys can go into my hometown and defeat a “mighty” ACC team in the heart of ACC country.

Wake has major PG problems and we just may be able to exploit that enough to win that game without having to play exceptionally well ourselves. It’s time for Curtis to show who the best player in West Charlotte High history really is!! Come on “J. Gray” (as annoying ass Wake fans like to say), whaddya’ say you turn it over 11 more times or so in this game, too???

I appreciate the enthusiasm and I want to see the local “Team of the Triad” lose to the 49ers as much as anyone but can we keep that talk to a minimum until about February 5? There’s a big conference game for first place Saturday night at 7:00 pm in Halton Arena that is much more important in the big scheme of the basketball season.

Wake has a lot of talent and I imagine they will be a totally different team come Feb… just as we will be different (hopefully better).

I think part of our recent success can be attributed to us “flying under the radar”. We lost several games early in the season that we should have won and now teams are underestimating us when we take the court. I agree Niner fans need to keep quiet until we take the court against Wake. They are still a good team and have a great home court advantage and if we do walk out of there with a win, then we can talk all the smack we want.