No Green/White game this year??

Its not on the schedule. There are several other programs around the country that are dropping their “whatever color/white” games too. Why wouldn’t we have it though? Does it actually count as an exhibition? It cant possibly. I sure hope we have it.

So does anyone have any info on this?? Lefty? Anyone? Bueller?

My best guess is that is has something to do with the trip to Canada. Something like maybe you can’t hold a green/white game after you have played an official exhibiton game…just a guess, maybe some stupid NCAA rule or it just might not work out time wise with the travel and stuff…or maybe Lutz doesn’t want to have it since we’ve already got 4 exhibition games…just guesses, I’m sure someone around here will get an official word on it soon enough

Man I hope we have it. I wanna see a Baldwin vs Goldwire matchup.

[i]Originally posted by Chisox17[/i]@Sep 19 2004, 02:33 PM [b] Man I hope we have it. I wanna see a Baldwin vs Goldwire matchup. [/b]
I haven't heard anything official other than it's not on the schedule. Last year was the first year we've had it in a long time. Seems like we would since last year we had the closed scrimmage with USC and the exhibition against the global all-stars. This year it will be the return game of the closed scrimmage (at USC) and then Pfeiffer here. It was good to see everyone in action, plus they had the players available afterwards to autograph the team picture.

I really enjoyed the Green & White game last year, more so than the Global game (even though the Global game was WAY too close). I especially liked the autograph signing afterwards, I thought it showed how much the players and staff really appreciate the fans.

I might be wrong, but I think I read on this board that the USC scrimmage would count as a “pre-season” game where it didn’t count as a pre-season game last year?