No love for Niners on ESPN

Stayed up until 1:12 am watching Sports Center and College Gameday. They went through the entire top 25 and beyond on both shows but skipped past Charlotte beating Marquette #25 in their own poll who played on their own network. You can’t get votes if nobody sees what you did. Total BS!

i was just about to post the EXACT same thing! thats terrible, we beat a top 25 team on the road, and the game is carried by espn, and still no highlights!?!?
AAGGGHH!!! :cuss: :ticked:

I was disappointed by that, also, but on the positive side, they’re promoting the heck out of the “turn back the clock” game Wed. vs. TCU, also hoping to see some “retro” fans!! I wish I could be there. My daughter offered to tie-dye me a shirt!! Good opportunity for Niner fans to show their creativity!!

Yes that was rather annoying. Was hoping sportscenter were going to show some highlights of the game consdering that Marquette are in the top 25 and they usually show all top 25 teams. But on the other hand there were so many games played on sat so …

I watched the reruns this morning hoping to see our game but no such luck…bummer. :frowning:

[i]Originally posted by Tenniner[/i]@Jan 23 2005, 08:58 AM [b] I was disappointed by that, also, but on the positive side, they're promoting the heck out of the "turn back the clock" game Wed. vs. TCU, also hoping to see some "retro" fans!! I wish I could be there. My daughter offered to tie-dye me a shirt!! Good opportunity for Niner fans to show their creativity!! [/b]
Your daughter wants you to go, we want you to go, Coach Lutz wants you to go...

You should go.

i saw highlights of non top 25 games. ESPN, you got some 'spainin to do!!!

yes… i was waiting for that too!.. we lose to cincy and i quote the espn motion “cincinatti MAULS 49ers in 2nd half effort”… then we go and beat marquette on the road and get absolutely no recognition.

I just gave ESPN a piece of my mind. Tearing them a new butthole with a rant would be pointless so here is what I wrote and where you can do the same.


As a Charlotte 49er Men’s Basketball fan and Charlotte alumni I want to express my disgust at your slight against our basketball program on 1/22/05 when we defeated Marquette (#25 in the ESPN/USA Today Coach’s Poll). Despite being ranked in a poll that bears your name and carried by regional television that also carries your name (ESPN+), both College Gameday and Sports Center covered all of the Top 25 games except the Marquette game. To add insult to injury, both programs went beyond covering the Top 25 to discuss several games with no Top 25 teams involved, making the oversight feel deliberate.

Despite coaches’ comments to the contrary, the polls are important to rising college basketball programs in terms of attracting recruits and fans. How can Charlotte ever hope to make inroads into the polls if press and coaches around the country are kept in the dark concerning important road wins against Top 25 opponents.

Thanks to your oversight, Charlotte will only be remembered this week for their embarrassing road loss to Cincinatti (#18 ESPN/USA Today)on ESPN2 without their starting point guard (a fact probably lost on most voters).

I hope that in the future, you will give our program the coverage it deserves, whether the results are good or bad.

I may be giving these ESPN programs more credit than is due in terms of being a source of information for voters but I’m sure ESPN plays a significant role.

THANK YOU meinshaft… i was thinking about doing the same… but you covered it all… good job

They just heard from me too.

B) B) B)

oh… and another thing meinshaft… keep us posted and tell us if they replied and what they said… i’d like to see their explanation. thanks

they are about to hear from me too. come on everyone, let your voice be heard!!!

[i]Originally posted by Bballaeric20[/i]@Jan 23 2005, 01:00 PM [b] THANK YOU meinshaft... i was thinking about doing the same... but you covered it all.. good job [/b]
no dont be that passive! the more people they hear from the more likely they are to actually change. EVERYONE on this board should let them know what we think. that was PATHETIC that we got no respect!! come on NINER NATION let ESPN know who they are dealing with!!! :fastgun:

Me too. I watched SportsCenter and Gameday and we got nothing. I was hoping to see at least one mintues worth of highlights and got nothing. However, do we really expect anything more? ESPN is all about analysis. I get sick of hearing over and over these so called experts telling us what is going to happen. Last night, Digger (terrible) and Bilas (usually OK) both said that UConn would win. Didn’t happen. I wish they would stick to highlights and stop all the talk.

On a bright note, I have seen the ads for the TCU game. Can’t wait to watch on Wednesday. Go niners!

I’ve noticed that unless we lose to a top 25 team (by any score) or beat any team on TV with last second shot, we get no mention.

I was one of the people who stayed up like an idiot waiting to see highlights of the game. Bilas and company talked about that stupid UConn-Pitt game like it was the national championship. I’ve never seen so much analysis on a regular season game between two teen-ranked conference foes. They seriously broke down that game down to individual plays and players, and maybe even what each player had to eat that evening. I thought I was watching one of those NFL films. “The juggernaut that is the UConn Huskies were all too confident as the blizzard raged outside of Harry A. Gampel Pavilion. The Pittsburgh Panthers were all too happy to bring in the cold air…” </NFL Films Voice>