No matter what happens the rest of the game

I have watched a TON of games this year and I have to say that Basden is the best defensive player in college basketball that I have seen.

I know he is thus far not having the best offensive game but he has flat out made a few Cards look silly with the way he’s stripped them.

He is starting to get a lot of press but I don’t know of anyone else I’ve seen that deserves national player of the year more than him.

Neither he or Garcia are really tearing it up. Seems to be nothing but the Larry O Show tonight. I still won’t be surprised if Garcia gets it simply because he plays for a team that’s in the limelight more than us. But I do think Basden is more deserving.

Wish we could give you guys a better game tonight. Cards can’t seem to miss and we can’t seem to defend. That usually doesn’t yield a good result for us.

Someone forgot to tell Martin that this isn’t So. Miss…uh oh!

[i]Originally posted by lucky57[/i]@Mar 3 2005, 07:57 PM [b] Someone forgot to tell Martin that this isn't So. Miss...uh oh! [/b]
Someone forgot to tell our entire team that defense is a vital part of the game of basketball.