No urinal troughs planned in new stadium

Sources have stated that we’re not going to have urinal troughs at the stadium. Who wouldn’t want to piss in one of these bad boys on a crisp Fall afternoon?

just slope the floor against the wall… or just bust some holes through the concrete slab.

I’m all for a glass wall with a constant cascade of water running down it into a trough that you piss into being back lit by green and gold lights.

F***! F***! F**************!

Now we have to piss on the wall like Delaware fans? WTF? Who in the AD F***ed this up!!!

Wear a Depends so you never have to leave your seat so you don’t miss any action! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought we all agreed for NLP to give us catheters to wear during our games?

Astronaut diapers. If you can drive across the country without stopping, you damned sure can make it through even an overtime football game.

I’m disappointed that this highly ORIGINAL thread hasn’t received as much run.

I paid countless visits to a urinal trough at Atlanta Motor Speedway Sunday.