observer article placements

No beef with the 49ers article or placement in the Big O, but wasn’t Wake Forrest the big sports story?? Did Clemson/NC State deserve the front sports page? Brock got good coverage all week. Did the sunday edition front page story on Executives getting Private Jet perks deserve Front Page Sunday (I think the observer is going for “shock value”). All those companies are private and it really wasn’t even a story in my opinion.

2 cents worth on the observer.

Go Niners

[QUOTE=BigTimeNiner;198192]2 cents worth on the observer.

Go Niners[/QUOTE]


“2 cents” is 50 cents TOO MUCH to spend on the Observer.

The McPaper just picks an item off the Extra Value Sports Menu and plops it wherever.

no mention of today’s game in observer this morning. there was mention of OTHER games. same old crap. they don’t want people in charlotte going to our games although today im glad they stayed away. this was discussed in hp’s observer thread.