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Davidson’s here, but loss to Bama lingers

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Morton comes home to Davidson

I’m not at ALL happy with what I read this morning. This team cannot afford to let the Bama loss linger. The fans here can, but our team cannot or we’re going to walk away with another loss tonight. I know Saturday night was physically and emotionally draining for our guys but if there were ever a time to suck it up and step up to the challenge, this is it.

Doesn’t sound good about Eddie. Hip flexors are very painful and if he hasn’t practiced this week, I don’t know that he’ll be on the court. Hopefully he will be because we’ll need him tonight.

This is not good. If they are still hanging their heads about the Bama loss, then we are in big trouble tonight. Davidson will be fired up as they always are. I earlier thought we’d have no trouble with Davidson, but hearing this has changed my mind. I think we’ll be in the fight of our lives tonight. :frowning: If they think the Bama loss was disappointing, try piling on a loss to Davidson.


Not good news about Eddie or the lingering effects. We must win this game. Niner Nation will be there in force. Our athletic ability is the difference. Baldwin, Eddie and Curtis should be effective. GO NINERS!!!

Ugh… there are two ways to take the bama loss. You can let it keep you down for the rest of the season, or you can use it as motivation. It sounds like we are falling in the first category now and that is not good news. A loss tonight could start us down a slippery slope.

We must guard the perimeter tonight. Winters is shooting 61.5% from 3 and I’m sure the rest of their team is probably not far behind… we have to make them beat us inside.

This game is absolutely crucial for us. If you look at the schedule, you’ll see that we have a nice (8 day) layoff after the Georgia State game. If we can take care of business tonight and knock off Georgia State at home (like we should), then we’ll have some MUCH needed rest to get ready for UNC-A/Indiana. Just a shame that the layoff didn’t occur after the Bama game because we could definitely stand to get our legs and composure back.

Tonight will be tough I feel. We certainly have the athletes, even without Eddie, to win this game. But this is one game that we cannot beat ourselves in. Davidson won’t make many mistakes and give us this one. I have a feeling that fundamentals will decide this game and unfortunately, that includes free throws. Let’s just hope we fair better than we did two years ago when we got run out of the gym.

I like our chances but it’s going to come down to the wire I think.

The opne player we cannot do witout is Basden. He is the engine that runs this team. If he cannot play tonite we are in trouble.

[i]Originally posted by jcl49er[/i]@Dec 8 2004, 09:08 AM [b] I have a feeling that fundamentals will decide this game and unfortunately, that includes free throws. [/b]
They are definitely fundamentally sound at Davidson. They also have some talent and four returning starters.

Speaking of fundamentals, I was over there in oct for a soccer game and saw the basketball team practicing. McKillop was pounding home the “picket fence” defensive technique to his guards. Picket fence is when you put a hand in the face of a good shooter as soon as he catches the ball. Plavich is going to have fence imprints after this game.

Not good news at all but the fact that the fans here are still obessed with the negatives of Saturday night, I can’t say that I am all that surprised that the players are as well. Hard to expect the players to do the things that the average fans can’t do, in my opinion of course. Tonight is a huge game and I hope we come to play. If not, I am sure the board will be rocking either way.

[i]Originally posted by switchfoot[/i]@Dec 8 2004, 10:51 AM [b] Hard to expect the players to do the things that the average fans can't do, in my opinion of course. [/b]
This is the DUMBEST thing Ive ever read!

I cant jump like Mitchell, bench press as much as Curt, or run like Eddie.

Its the Coaches JOB to motivate his players and adjust to every game situation. We have got to increase our expectations of this program and this school.

Bobbys definetly on trial tonight. If the team comes out flat it falls on him.

Fire Bobby Lutz

I agree in the sense that it is Bobby’s job to get the team motivated. I think to expect them to move on from it on their own is tougher. I should have worded that sentence above better. My mistake. Geez!

On trial? Yeah from you, 49erPI, and Pino maybe.

Evidently, the current thought that no one is responsible for their actions also applies to basketball. The players are responsible for their actions and no amount of preaching that it is Bobbys or Plavs fault will take away that responsibility.

Good points SeniorFan. Ultimately, the blame for wins and losses rest on the coach and his ablility to get the team up and ready for games. I agree in the sense that he can only do so much and that it’s the players responsibility in large part to do some basic things. However, ultimately it all rides on one person which is in some ways unfair but true.

[i]Originally posted by Hooligan[/i]@Dec 8 2004, 10:13 AM [b] Bobbys definetly on trial tonight. [/b]
No, actually this is the DUMBEST thing Ive ever read!

Whats wrong with Eddie is he hurt or what? Im not registared on the obserber website.

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Don’t worry about Eddie…Saw him going into the SAC last night to get some treatment on it, HE’S PLAYING!!!

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Originally posted by LeftyNiner@Dec 8 2004, 01:05 PM [b]

Our fans need to show up in green and be LOUD. The players will respond.