Observer story 7/17/10: Football bill approved, GOVERNOR'S signature final piece

I know it’s in the other thread but thought this stood out a little better. (although it was hidden in the paper; no lead-in on front of Sports or Front page and the story mixed in with some other college football news). Oh well. We’re just a week away from the final step in getting approval. How many hurdles?

Someone hand Bev the pen and don’t let the UNC blue bood get to her first. Witness protection needed for her this weekend.

oh, don’t worry about UNC-CH getting in the way. They can’t wait for her to sign the bill since it includes their new $45 million football stadium tower.

I know what you’re saying but I won’t feel at ease until the last “i” is dotted and the last “t” is crossed.

ok so clt recommends this story @ 8am this morning. clt clicks link and the recommend is still there.

clt recommends unc-ch story on corruption at the mothership and each recommendation seems to disappear?

3rd most viewed Sports story yesterday behind Dean’s health and UNC CH football corruption.

Given the governor gives speeches at a 3rd grade level maybe she will sign the bill in crayon.

[font=Arial]Rose said Charlotte's first-year schedule could be completed before the school even hires a coach.[/font]

[font=Arial]Sounds like we can expect a 2013 schedule in the next 6-8 months.[/font]

It appears I cannot recommend this story. I see where the recommendations are, but I can’t click it. Also, I don’t see the Chapel Hill corruption story.

Actually I found the UNC story. It appears cltniners is correct, you cannot recommend this story.


…I was able to recommend it