Observer Today

I know we give them a lot of shit, and most of the time deservedly. That said, with conference play beginning tonight, the main pic on the college hoops section is Charlotte, linking to an article on Derrio. Then we have basically an A10 Conference play preview. Under that is a Wednesday college hoops preview blurb - Charlotte listed only after Duke and before two ACC schools. Just under our picture is a Gmine post about our RPI.

It’s certainly not perfect, but definitely better than in the past.

Not to be picky, but Thad MATTA’s name is spelled wrong twice. LAVVY Allen??? And Delroy James is one of the best in the A-10, simple fact checking. Nice work by David, though. Just needs copy editing

David Scott is much better than that other guy who was covering us. That guy was Utterly horrible at covering our beat.

After beating an ACC team, I guess they thought we might indeed be worthy of covering.

I honestly don’t care why, I’m just glad to finally see something, I’ve checked in a couple of different times today so that they get a decent viewcount for the page.


clt says that the blue fairys must be idle, or good ol roy hasn’t ironed his shirts recently.

I see what you did there

I’ll take the coverage. I’ll take the win streak. I’ll take whatever it takes. Go Niners, beat Richmond!! Niners 72 - Richmond 69.