Observer - Tom & Jena on Bama game

Jena - Tide turns on 49ers

Tom - In rare chance to shine, 49ers so close, yet so far


No 49er fan can argue about the coverage this year. If you have not seen the actual Sunday Sports today then you are missing some great 49er pub (even with the L). We are front and center on the front on a day where Chapel Hill beats UK, the Bobcats win (page 6—I think), and the many other stories happening this time of year.

Thanks Mike for all the coverage—win or lose, you are giving fans a true picture of 49er basketball.

Mike don’t thank yourself dude…

No one’s been complaining.

At center court: Sorensen, Janovy , Katz. Good stuff from Janovy and Sorensen. I wonder what Katz thought. Anyone seen anything yet?

Sorenson’s article was dead on.

We missed an opportunity.

On to Davidson.