O'Charleys, Picassos, Wolfmans

There may be some I missed, but I hear these 4 advertised regularly on Lutz Live and the radio broadcasts.

O’Charleys - pep really pre-game party at 1:00 (food and beverage specials)
Picassos - opening at 11:00. Always the biggest game day party
Wolfmans - good pizza & beer
Millers - closed down -they probably should stop advertising. :wacko:

Hit them all on the way to game.

:toast: :hammer:

Millers Ale House finally closed. Everybody was too scared to go there. Good concept, the chain just picked the wrong place in Charlotte to open up.

Good thing Miller closed, went there once with some of my friends, had the worst waitress in my entire life, got our food wrong, and carded my friends 3 times before she let us get drinks… nice place, horrible service.

Yeah my girlfriend worked there and said she hated it.