odom going to va


Time for Doyel’s prediction to come true on Lutz

I would have never thought they would take Odom back, he was an assistant there but man he is a terrible coach

I say adios Lutz my man!

Odom emerges as coaching candidate, Charlottesville Daily Progress

Coaches see Odom as U.Va.'s choice, Richmond Times-Dispatch

South Carolina coach Dave Odom told ESPN.com Monday morning that there was no truth to a Washington Post report that he was close to taking the Virginia job.

Odom said he’s not involved in the job.


Lying coaches. Isn’t that something.

How old is odom? Better sign him year-for-year.

The day before he took the South Carolina job, Odom made very similar comments in Winston-Salem Journal. Don’t buy into it!

Odom os terrible, just ask any Wake fan. UVA is making a bad choice in my opinion.


[b][b]USC Head Coach Dave Odom released this statement on Monday afternoon.

April 4, 2005[/b]

USC Head Coach Dave Odom released this statement on Monday afternoon.

"Craig Littlepage (Virginia A.D.) and I have been close friends since we were both assistant coaches at the University of Virginia in the mid-80s. Over the past several weeks, I have had a number of telephone conversations with Craig. We spoke only about the NCAA Tournament and teams that the tournament committee should be considering. The conversation centered on SEC teams only. One of Craig’s responsibilities to the tournament committee was to evaluate SEC teams and he was interested in gathering information about a number of teams in our league.

"Upon arriving in St. Louis at the Final Four on Saturday morning, I received a call from Craig asking if I would talk with him about my impressions of the University of Virginia and its basketball program, about the ACC as a league and the landscape of college basketball nationally. There was absolutely no discussion about my potential interest in the head coaching position at University of Virginia.

“Further, the University of Virginia has not asked Dr. McGee (USC A.D.) for permission to talk to me about their vacancy.” [/b]

Doesn’t really tell us much, but he didn’t come out and say he wasn’t interested in the job. Sounds to me like he probably has discussed the job with them, but since they didn’t get permission from the USC AD first they are denying it now.

Some guy who is supposedly “in the know” on the USC message board (you know how that goes) claims that Odom is UVA’s #2 choice for the job. They are supposed to get a decision from the #1 guy buy tomorrow. If he turns the job down, it will be offered to odom who will take it.

If there is on opening at USC this year, I would expect Lutz to be on their list. How high on the list I don’t know… Several of their fans have mentioned him. Gregg Marshall, Mike Anderson, and Bobby Knight :lol: have also been mentioned a good bit.

ODOM!!! MY GOD!!! :o :o