Odom says he's staying at USC

Odom says he is staying put.


It is my intention to finish out my coaching career at South Carolina. I hope to do that. I expect to do that," Odom said at a news conference Tuesday.

So, where will Lutz look now? Looks like he’s stuck here another year. (sarcasm)

Looks like Florida Atlantic and UVa are the only 2 openings left. Of course, if Leitao ends up with the Cavs, then there would be a vacancy at DePaul.

Sportsline.com: 2005 Coaching Changes

After my previous post, I came across this blurb from Andy Katz:

Leitao flies to Charlottesville for meeting

It says Lietao is the only coach to officially interview. Could UVA have already made their decision?

Leito told his players he would take the UVA job if offered.

I thought Leito had a huge buyout?

Thats it, bobby’s heading to depaul.

[i]Originally posted by lutz9er[/i]@Apr 14 2005, 04:16 PM [b] Thats it, bobby's heading to depaul. [/b]
That's what Doyel says -- Bobby Gonzalez. :P

Sportsline.com: Virginia expected to make offer to DePaul’s Leitao

Actually, if that happened, then Doh could take over at Manhattan.