Off Campus with Lance Ringler

Great daily show spotlighting College Golf. Lance would like everyone to watch and he is one guy that gives much love to our golf team.

Watch today’s episode and hear the responses of some golf pros at the Fry’ Open when they are asked who the #1 team in College Golf is.

You can watch Lance’s show @

As for Joe Ogilvie, you just better worry about where your Dukies will be come June.

I don’t like golf the sport, but I am very proud of what our team is doing. So I watched this and I gotta say I was really entertained. I didnt know who any of the guys on that clip were, but it was very good. I am very much into Charlotte 49er golf right now, and always interested when they are at tourneys, constantly getting scores. GO NINERS!

“I’ll believe that come June?” - douchebag.

Seemed like most of the posters on their forums were cocky stanford fans. Looks like our team put them in their place.