Offensive Posts

[QUOTE=survivor45;144110]If someone posts something that bothers me, I think the best thing for me to do is to send a PM to that person.

I know that if I ever got such a PM, I’d immediately remove whatever I posted.[/QUOTE]

This post offends me, please remove it…

I want to see some offensive posts…

By Curtis Withers for the rest of this year.

Where’s the defensive post?

Nomination for stupidest thread of the year.

[QUOTE=gotLutz;144603]Nomination for stupidest thread of the year.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I might second that. I was actually kind of hoping this thread would be put to rest for good. The post was awkward and the timing was god-awful

I had a pic in my signature a couple of weeks ago that was pretty cruel towards a …uh…certain nameless student at Charlotte. Bad idea. Being as early in the season as it is, there’s a good chance this board is getting noticed by students just surfing the web. Putting the pic in the signature instead of one of the threads could have really put off a friend or classmate of hers who had no idea what was going on and was just looking to talk basketball. I look like a jerk (deservedly) in their eyes for trashing publicly someone I never met and the board looks bad.

People who know me know that I love the type of humor that’d make the South Park guys blush. Sometimes I need a tap on the shoulder every once in a while to remind me to think about what the hell I’m doing.

That’s enough. Time to take this thread out back and put it to waste.

Any post about our offense output this year offends me…

You know, that was some good stuff. Just because of that, I’m gonna make sure this thread never dies.

I, The Coach, apologize for saying bad things about Lefty, especially since he is my biggest fan and will defend me long after I accept a job next season with the Oregon State Beavers. Thanks Lefty, I really am just as good as Coach K.