Official FSL Pledge Roll Call

Saw some posting elsewhere but lets keep track of it in one place.:49ers:

2 FSL’s for me. Told Dan Devos I’ll help any other way I can


down for 2. confirmed.


How about this be the thread of official NNN group buy FSL’s? So that all that want to sit together can get say here? We can get an official head count this way too

2 or 4

2 for me, 2 for my parents.



Down for 4

$4000 (oh god!)

I reserved 2


2 in this household!


Two for me… I gotta find $2,000 somehow.

Good idea Gill

We want to try to use this for tracking FSL #s so only list when you have recieved a confirmation that your pledge has been acknowledged from the AD.

Only list “official” pledges, maybes can be added later when they become real!

Only post #s and $ on here, we can start a discussion thread if you guys think we need to discuss THIS thread.


Breaking the bank with 8

In for 4.

Sent an email for 2

[QUOTE=UofC9er;342829]Breaking the bank with 8[/QUOTE]

Nice!!! Right now 2 definitely, maybe 4.

Told Dan to count me in for 6. They hit the phones hard today.

3 for me

two for me.

My dad might buy 2.

2 for me.

[QUOTE=49timesthelovin;342840]My dad might buy 2.[/QUOTE]

No mights, only for-reals! Please post that elsewhere so you and I both can delete these posts.

This site is for TRACKING ONLY FOLKS.

So we can know exactly how much NN.N has!