official "i want a NINER NATION shirt thread"

I figured to make it easier for Powerbait and OriginalNinerNation1, I’d start a thread for people who want NINER NATION shirts/hoodies, because I have seen scattered around in other threads people mention tht they still want some. I guess just post your email adress and what you want or whatever as a reply…


hit me up

i would like to get a Xl hoodie Email is
are the hoodies like the green shirts just basic Niner Nation?
if so then i really want one

I want an XL and an L


At the top of the page is a link to a shop that has NinerNation stuff. This link not only helps to promote NinerNation, but to help keep this board afloat. If you have something else that you might like or have any ideas for the shop, let Mac know.

NinerMac provides the majority of the financing to keep this board up and running and I know that several of us take it foregranted, myself included.

So please, I ask you to contribute to this site as it is a worthy cause, not students pocketing revenue. Any revenue received by this board, beyond the cost to maintain, will be donated to the Athletic Foundation. What a better way to spend your money to know that you’re supporting two important causes to us all at once.

Thanks! And a special Thanks to All Admins, Mac in particular, for making this great board possible!


Ditto to that! I"ve got a long sleeve T-shirt and a coffee mug on my desk that has drawn some nice comments. Good stuff.

[SIZE=4]Long live NinerNation![/SIZE]


We can put up several different items promoting the site name depending on the requests.

Pretty sure we can do:

Dog T-Shirts
Tote Bags
Teddy Bears

They have numerous options but what’s up on the NNN site now is minimal because of little feedback/purchases.

Do you have kid sizes and can we get them in green???

i have a xxl left.

we have shirts but are letting the band get first picks on sizes cause we need them to be decked out.

its true. there is a link up top to the shop. there is gear there. and there are more choices that just NINER NATION on them. I promise when a few people start wearing those to games, will blow up too.

thank you to everyone for the interest and support!

So no more Niner Nation Hoodies for the rest of the year :frowning:

You young punk bastards, support an aging (26 :wink: ) alumni and find me a green shirt with the white “Niner Nation” text on it, dammit!
Hoodies are useless in this hurricane-battered state I tell you!

Seriously, I’ll pay good blang blang for a green shirt. I like the ones…but I like the green ones more. I know someone out there has paypal, a shirt and a need for a case of beer…

WEll, LEx may be sold out of Hoodies, but I’m not. Again, I don’t have time to find everyone who wants one, and people in the band are supposed to be getting shirts, but ALex hasn’t ever gotten in touch with me, we have their shirts ready.

If you want a shirt, just PM or Email me.

Yo, obviously im in the band, and i talked to our director today. we cant wear the shirts cause we have a “uniform” just like the team, cheerleaders, and gold dusters…and they consider niner nation a seperate organization…sucks…i know

although that means yall get more shirts…SELL A LOT, MAKE HALTON GREEN!!!

hit me up with a long-sleeve shirt if possible if not then short sleeve will work
Large Please


Whats up. I would like a Niner Nation mug/cup and tote bag if possible. I am a bball coach myself I would love a niner nation tote bag.

What if we came up with a completely different name for everybody. Not use a name that one of the groups already exist. Something like “Gold Nuggets”.

[b]What if we came up with a completely different name for everybody. Not use a name that one of the groups already exist. Something like "Gold Nuggets".[/b]

Nugget anything is a no-no for me. Thanks a lot, moss2k.


oh schnap.

[i]Originally posted by butaniner[/i]@Feb 4 2005, 03:16 PM [b] What if we came up with a completely different name for everybody. Not use a name that one of the groups already exist. Something like "Gold Nuggets". [/b]
first, you are in the wrong thread. this is about getting tshirts. and why the held would you want to be a nugget? colors are no good. nuggets are even worse.

you Fing NUGGET!