Offseason Activities

So, I was driving home the other day and found out what the Uh-Huh guy does in the offseason…



Pimps Little Ceasars! This was at the corner of Back Creek/Pavilion & 49. Best I could do while drinving in the far right lane. I think it is a fitting job for him. :lol:

Haha, Uh-huh guy’s been working at Little Ceasers for a while, but Ive never seen him pimping it like that! lol.

[QUOTE][B]Yum Yum Eat em up! UH-HUH![/B][/QUOTE]

I believe he is an assistant principal so he appears to be doing work on the side during the summer. (at least, I hope so) More power to him…

He’s a great fan.