OK State Cowboys Game 11/10


Loved the postgame interview. Jon said he was taken out of the game after a layup and Sanchez told him he wouldn’t play him anymore if he won’t start playing D…he said he didn’t care how much he scored. He said another coach told him his body language was terrible. How did Jon respond? Like a leader. Said he had to be a better role model for the young guys and improve his body language and his defense. At the end of the game he told Sanchez he wanted to win it…so Sanchez told him to go win it.

Afterward…Jon presented Coach Sanchez with the game ball in the locker room for his first win.

THAT’s a leader. Taking responsibility…taking coaching…holding himself accountble…making himself better to lead the team by example. All without pouting or resisting.

Impressive kid.


Cowboys home opener next Wednesday vs UTSA. Like OK State, Roadrunners not at full strength either - though no excuse for UTSA losing its season/home opener to in-state foe D-II St. Edward’s! And OK State’s Coach Boynton didn’t blame today’s loss on missing probable starters Mike Cunningham (injury) and Michael Weathers (just reinstated to team following suspension), as well as Curtis Jones (NCAA denied request for Indiana transfer to be eligible during fall semester instead of mid-December).


I like their coach. Took a ton of blame…and he derseves it.
Class act. I ll be rooting for them.


I still think it’s going to be a rough season. But this game shows what can happen when kids buy into playing defense…so the future is bright if Dirty Sanchez can get his message across like this to future teams with better recruits.

We’ll have some wins…but lack of depth , a lack of size and a loooong grind of a season will probably lead to a lot more losses than wins.

But…it’s amazing what a jolt of confidence can do to a group of young kids too.


Completely agree. Very classy in his post game comments.


WBTV sucks. Watching the news and for sports NC St was the first game they talked about. We we’re 2nd. They show more OSU highlights than Charlotte. They didn’t even show JD’s shot!!!


Wow. Had to go out into the country today to take my daughter to a pig show. At about 12:30, start trying to queue up the football game on my phone. Well, it doesn’t work. Call ESPN, turns out I need to be at home an hour and 1/2 away to get it to work on my phone. No damn good. Give up on watching live and get the radio broadcast. At halftime, try to get the basketball audio. Can’t get it at all. Settle for game tracker. Doesn’t look good. Go back to the football game. At about 4th quarter, start heading home. Lose connection on football game, and unable to get it back. Been seeing the depressing updates on the scores and figured we were getting waxed. Getting closer to the house, checked the score one last time. Down 6, 3 min. to go. Figured we would lose, but I decided to not look and watch the full game when it came on replay.

Was hard not going on the site and checking or staying off of here, but boy am I glad I did. I just watched the whole thing. Wife and kids are in bed and I’m jumping up and down in the living room like a monkey on a trampoline, doing my best version of “silent excitement”. Can’t believe we won. Hope this does wonders for this young team. Made my whole day better.


Guys, Sanchez may be here for a shorter amount of time than Mark Price was.


I have confidence that if sanchez is being lured by other schools, hill can find the,money to keep him.


Pour with the bottle closer to the glass and slightly tilted. :beer:

Great win. Didn’t think we were going to pull it out and was going to be proud we fought back with such a young team. Happier with this result.

On to JMU.


I’m stoked about the win but let’s see how things play out over the next few seasons. Your coach doesn’t get hired away unless you are doing something in the NCAA tournament.


What a great win! Big thanks to 2k for the tickets, was great to watch the guys feed off the crowd excitement as they got closer and closer.
The win is big, I thought it’d be a similar year as last year, but this win tells me progress is coming.


So proud of these guys and their perseverance. They believe in themselves. I was yelling and screaming when we cut it to about 16 and the entire rest of the way. It was fun to be that fired up for the Niners again. If this game and the recruiting is any indication, the future is super bright.


Wow, what an ending. If you had no idea to the flow of the game, just check out the win percentage probably tracker


I listened to that game in my dorm room while studying that night many moons ago, and with a shaky WFNZ nightime signal. The Tennessee comeback ranked 3rd in NCAA Div1 history at that time. No idea where that comeback, or the one last night ranks now. Loved the grit the team showed last night and I’m glad John Davis got that moment.


I was kinda surprised at the number of okie st8 fans that were there. Looked like more than what show when davidson plays here. Awesome win that is invaluable to this team’s confidence and mentality going forward.


The post game interview was almost as good as the game. It’s still going to be a rough year, but big to get something like this to happen so early.


I wanted to chime back in to echo others who talked about how classy the Okie State coach was in his post game comments. I was quite impressed. Class like that will take you a long way in life, IMO.


Just watched the post game presser. I love everything Sanchez has to say, but what stood out to me was the chemistry between Coach and JD. We have a star player with tons of experience who obviously has a lot of respect for a first time head coach. That says so much about both of them.


I overheard some talk at the soccer game today that their coach later expressed much displeasure with the officiating. I have not confirmed that. Anyway, that “flagrant” foul near the end was not in my opinion. HOWEVER it was definitely INTENTIONAL and the result was the same: 2 free throws and possession.