OK State Cowboys Game 11/10


Both the head coach and his assistant were talking to one of the refs for quite a while as the ref left the floor.
I’m sure they felt as if they were hosed. Unless officials have been instructed to call end of game intentional fouls differently than in the past, we caught a major break.


The natives are restless in Stillwater.


There is no such thing as an intentional foul anymore. There is flagrant 1 and flagrant 2, with flagrant 1 replacing the old intentional. That’s what was called after the refs reviewed the monitor footage. There really wasn’t much controversy… It’s just that fans don’t understand the new rules.


I’m sure the instruction from their bench was to “foul Davis so that he doesn’t get off a shot for 3”. Kid was obviously trying to do that, and almost waited until he was shooting. OkSU coaches need to add the “and go for the ball” (or at least make it look like you did) next time.


Made the same comment talking to some folks when I was walking out of Halton. Especially being that their football game with their archrival was on TV at the same time.


Charlotte is maybe the worst team we play all year. Only A&M Corpus Cristi is competitive for that title and they at least won 11 last season.


Yeah this is a bad loss no other way to get around it. I knew we shouldn’t have been throwing stones at WVU for losing to Buffalo. Karma I guess lol…

It’s weird when I was reading the preview for this game, what jumped out at me the most was Charlotte had a player drop 31 points in their first game that was a loss. I was like dang, 31 points is impressive for a player to put up. Cut to last night and sure enough the same guy drops 27 against us and makes the game winning 3-pointer. But yeah, bad loss, I hope we learn from it and get better. This season is going to have its ups and downs for sure.


Whether they call it “intentional” or “flagrant”, there have been hundreds if not thousands of times in the past when players made no play on the ball and got away with it. Maybe that changes going forward. It could be that refs have been instructed to interpret more strictly to discourage endless fouling in the last stage of the game. Seems if that were the case, OKSU coaches should have been aware of the change.

I think I noticed that the refs went to the replay monitor on that last foul, too. That would be something new.
So to sum up, they want to speed up the game by discouraging fouling while simultaneously slowing up the game by having more reviews. Makes sense to me.

Edit, all this is supposition on my part. Not taking the time to research actual rule and interpretation changes.
Alternative facts are in vogue, anyway.


And Brice was there to witness the excitement !


I think an intentional fouls should be legal, no questions asked.

Flagrant fouls should rough, blind side or just cheap fouls.
This foul was none of the above nd we caught a huge break and made them pay.

Having said that OK state brought this upon themselves. They fouled three point shooters on at least three occasions, took terrible shots early in the shot clock with a huge lead.

This game to me was the Brad Lambert unable to run out the clock against FIU. They had us and let us off the hook. Props to Davis.


im glad to hear that. hopefully he had a great time and can see our potential.



Late to the party here, but had a great time in Halton on Saturday. Hopefully this is a spark that can help boost the confidence of a very young team with a 1st year coach.

It felt good to get that type of win in Halton again. As I left the Arena, a bunch of students walked by me and you could really sense the excitement from them. I hope this game hooked them in and they bring 2 or 3 more friends with them to the next game. I hope everyone of them who recorded that final shot on their cell phone, sent it to everyone they know, snapchatted it, facetimed it, tweeted it, instagrammed it, or whatever else. We need some excitement in Halton again. The students need to be leading chants.


Nice article, but “UNC-Charlotte” AND “UNCC” both in it??? Really? Not one just “Charlotte” reference at all. Obviously we have lost the naming campaign that started what seems decades ago. Put UNCC back on our jerseys and be done with it. Cornbread looked good in it. IMG_2079



clt says this happens when smaller schools come into haltron



So we’re in for more of this. Friggin’ great!
And don’t think this won’t happen to us somewhere along the line.


They can blame the loss on one whistle or they can accept the fact that we came back from many points down. Don’t put the game in the officials hands if you can’t accept the outcome.


Best game of my 16 year fandom!!