OK State Cowboys Game 11/10


Its up there for me. I liked the Wake game in 07 better though. There was still excitement around the program back then and Wake was also not a dumpster fire so it felt like a big time win in front of a big crowd at the uptown Arena.


I’m older than you guys obviously but neither of these would even be top 20 for me.



Quite a few Cincy games, Louisville games, Marquette games, Memphis games, a couple Davidson games…the Miami game with Rodney and crew setting a 3pt record in Halton…the NC State game that same season…the Tennessee NCAA tourney game that same season…plus some old school games with Jarvis & Henry at the Diet Pepsi Tournament of Champions (beating DePaul & Alabama). Not sure if I have 20…but at least a Baker’s dozen or so.


I have a lot of favorites as well, but I can say the most “recent” game I truly enjoyed was in 2009 against #17 Xavier. My buddy and I arrived 5 minutes late and had to sit at the very top of the upper level. It was literally packed (I look forward to those packed house days again). Game was in ESPN 2 and remember clear as day when Lamont Mack hit the corner three. Xavier took a timeout and Halton arena started playing Zombie Nation. Havent seen halton arena that hyped since. We’ll get back to those days sooner than later.


All those are good. Also throw in south carolina game when fogler got tossed we were beating them so badly. Also, remember most of these were sell outs. Too many great games to mention.


I was there too! Great game! I also really enjoyed the win against 15th (if I remember correctly) ranked Temple.


Have those ***holes go back and watch the game and talley how many calls went their way the whole game !
About time we got the benefit of a call at home !


I don’t really care what the OK State fans/coaches/players think. They had us down by 24 and let us get back to the point where one shot, or one call, would decide the game. Good for us that we scaled that mountain, and shame on them for letting us. The final call was not their problem here.


I was studying like a dumb freshman while keeping up with the game stats on the internet. Fully regretted not going to that game. And one of my favorites came later when we beat Tennessee at Time Warner Cable arena with a late shot to take the lead



clt says we made barstool!


Fuck 'em! It was an intentional foul. They need to get over it. OUR kids pulled this one out and they deserved to win. BEAT JMU!!!


Sometimes you are the screwer, and sometimes the screwee. This one went our way, but the universe owes us a bunch.


He actually didn’t call it initially. Went to the monitor. It wasn’t just a crazy call. They all had to agree right?


It’s one thing if the foul shots gave us the lead but all they had to do was make one final stop and they still win. Our best player made a big time play to win that is all that matters to me. Every losing team could look back at film and see calls that cost them close games and overlook all the mistakes they made in the process.


OK State played their home opener last night and beat UTSA 82-60. Roadrunners actually jumped out to a 9-1 lead before Cowboys turned it on. [Winless UTSA (0-3) definitely needs Jhivvan Jackson to return from his injury.] And a flagrant foul called on each team too!

In a bit of irony, OK State had a pregame talk by the mother of the late UTSA coach Brooks Thompson, who played collegiately for the Cowboys and later served as an assistant in Stillwater.

And finally, per Justin Byerly, OK State - whiched signed a top 15 recruiting class for 2019 - is looking ahead to 2022 in reaching out to guard Freddie Dilione of Fayetteville Trinity Christian / Team CP3.


Oklahoma State beats Memphis 84-64. Now 4-1 I think?

That W is looking better and better for us. Memphis (2-1 going into the game, now coached by Penny Hardaway) simply couldn’t defend them. I found that interesting.

OSU outshot Memphis 57% to 36% and outrebounded them 40-30. I think our D is a little better than I realized.

Also, for those that care the game tonight was played at the HP field house at the ESPN center near Disney / Universal. I agree with others that think that Nashville or Charlotte are better locations for CUSA tournament, but this venue shows well on TV and Orlando is a very family friendly destination if that’s a priority.


OK State definitely looking better as they near full strength following injuries, suspensions, etc.

Memphis was first game of the season for USC Upstate transfer 6-1 G Mike Cunningham, who had 8 points off the bench.

Marked second consecutive game of significant minutes for Miami U. transfer 6-2 G Michael Weathers, who came off the bench to score 13 points. Led Cowboys with 16 off the bench in the previous game vs CofC. Only saw three minutes vs UTSA in his first action of the season.

Indiana transfer 6-4 G Curtis Jones will be eligible following the fall semester.


Villanova got its mojo back today against OK State, winning 77-58 to advance to the title game of the AdvoCare Invitational vs #14 Florida State on Sunday. Mike Cunningham’s 15 points led the Cowboys, who will face #19 LSU in the third place game.


Okie State beats #19 LSU 90-77.


See that Cunningham leaving Stillwater. Didn’t play against us as a Cowboy due to injury after lighting us up as a Spartan back in 2016.