OK State Cowboys Game 11/10



Three more kicked off the Cowboys’ team. They have problems.


They died inside after their loss to us. :laughing:


We are the difference between OK State being over .500 instead of under at 8-9. Still pretty decent NET of #68.

Anyway, not surprised Weathers is gone. Very fortunate he hadn’t been dismissed earlier. Coupled with the defection of Cunningham, Cowboys are down to eight scholarship players.


That must suck! Oh, wait.


Yep, as we very well know!


eight scholarship players…we would love to have that many. didn’t we beat them with eight scholarship players.


FWIW, Cowboys weren’t at full strength when we played them. Cunningham was out injured, Weathers was suspended, and Curtis Jones wasn’t eligible until after the fall semester.

Anyway, OK State held tryouts tonight looking for bodies!