Okafor vs. Howard

Some writers are already giving d howard the rookie of the year this year and personally i dont think he has done anything special. He has been a rebounding machine but so has okafor. I think at this point okafor is a better and more consistent offensive presence. I give it to okafor but we’ll see how the rest of the season plays out.

Any thoughts?

It’s way too close to call either way. Right now I would give it to Okafor based on what I have seen. But I have only see Howard play twice since in the NBA.

From what I’ve seen howard is the more natural athlete, and of course thats what he relys on. Rebounds are easy for the athletic, he just dosen’t have the skills to score. Okafor can do both, and being the star on an expansion team he probably gets more pressure on him than Howard from opposing defenses. I say reward Okafor for working harder on his game and actually going to college, if it goes to Howard then once again the NBA is going on potential instead of actual production

i agree with you on that one but last night howard had 15 pts 20 reb and they were already beginning to compare him to amare when he was in his rookie year. i think that howard will unfortunately win it because he was all this hype surrounding him while okafor is just going out there night in,night out and posting solild numbers

Great arguments fellas.

I don’t think Howard will win the award. I think when it comes down to it, the writers who vote on the awards are smart enough to recognize the difference in being the 4th scoring option on a team versus being the go-to guy for an expansion team. Okafor will be the Rookie of the Year.