Ole Miss v Mississippi State Game Thread

This is a HUGE game for us.

If you don’t know, the SEC at this point can not possibly fill its bowl obligations. If Mississippi state loses tonight, one of the SEC’s third tier bowls must be left open, regardless of what else happens. The belk bowl is in that group. There is still a chance the belk bowl gets left open otherwise, but this is absolutely the easiest way.

I know I’m watching tonight, and I figured I’d provide a space to talk about the game.

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Then, go rebs!! Put our NINERS into the Belk Bowl!!


Light reading if you want to educate yourself

Thread should be renamed “Egg Bowl Thread”

Hotty Toddy!! Go Niners!!

Lets go Rebs…um…Bears?

Ole Miss, dude. Who are the bears?

Sorry, meant the Land Sharks.

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Missed that one. Landsharks. Lame. But GO LANDSHARKS!!!

So they dropped a mascot because it was the nickname of southern soldiers in the civil war, and replaced it with a shark wearing the jersey of a guy who overdosed. Makes perfect sense.

Landsharks letting us down so far.

Tied going into half

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21-14 msu in the 4th 7:14 left . ole miss looks like they may have one more chance to tie. WOW! BIG run.

Uggg…come on ole miss

Very entertaining last minute


What a dumbass move… #8 should not be allowed on the team bus



#8 really pissed on a lot of people’s hopes

The Niners Belk Bowl chances.

Does this officially put us out of the Belk Bowl?