On to Houston

While I would love to talk about the Cincy game for the next week, Houston is here in a few days. I haven’t watched them much this year or read much on them. Looks like Andre Owens is a very talented guard scoring 18 a game. However, he shoots 38% from the field. Of course Houston’s big win over the year was over Louisville. They can shoot the 3 as Owens and Lanny Smith have both hit 55+ 3’s on the year.

They are coming off a win over Memphis 66-53.

The Cougars have been a very decent home team (10-1) with wins over Louisville, LSU, and Memphis. They also beat Mizzou in Kansas City in the Guardians Classic. I’ll take the Niners by 10-15 since it’s at Halton.


I wouldn’t count those chickens just yet. Houston is obviously quite capable of pulling off a win against us and we seem to play either “up or down” to the level of our competition. Keep your fingers crossed!

I hope we can be as aggressive and physical as we were Saturday. If so we are really tough to beat. I expect a victory by less than 10 as usual.

I am hoping for a good crowd but I remembered that UNC-Duke is playing that night. All the “I pull for Charlotte too” fans probably will not show up or leave early. I try not to worry about things that I can’t control, but this really disappoints me. I can’t wait for the day when people drop the “team I pulled for when I was kid” and support and take pride in their school and their team.

Anyways, sorry for beating a dead horse but I had to vent a little. I’ll be there Wednesday night, supporting my alma mater as always.

I hope Bobby gets the guys fired up and ready. Houston is well coached (Tom Penders) and has beaten some good teams as previously mentioned. If we “pull an ECU” and mail in the effort, we’ll lose. Our lack of consistency is maddening.

I just hope we don’t have a hangover after the emotional win over Cincy. We need to come out and play with the same intensity we we had Saturday. We can’t afford another loss to a team that we are supposed to beat… and Houston has proved that they are a dangerous team that can’t be taken lightly.

If we go 2-0 this week I will be a very happy man… That combined with the Cincy win would almost make up for the loss to ECU. (That still hurts to say )

Houston isn’t a pushover but with this game being at Halton, I’d be suprised and a bit disappointed if we didn’t win comfortably (10-15 points). We should be able to salt this one away midway through the 2nd half. I’m not looking ahead but I’m far more worried about Saturday’s game than this one.

Damn I just found out I didn’t get a ticket for the game…might still be able to get one but not sure yet. <_< But at least I was at the Cincy game. :slight_smile:

I am predicting 60% fts vs. Houston. I think we can expect our usual 5,000 fans with 2,000 season ticketers not showing up.

[i]Originally posted by Mr. Bojangles[/i]@Feb 7 2005, 11:30 AM [b] I am hoping for a good crowd but I remembered that UNC-Duke is playing that night. All the "I pull for Charlotte too" fans probably will not show up or leave early. I [/b]
You are right my friend. This morning I was in the non-camper line about the 4th person in line and I heard two guys behind me say they would be leaving early to go see their "boys from Duke" play.

Since I doubt very much that the Observer will provide any sort of pre-game “scouting” report on Houston, here’s the following courtesy of the Memphis Commercial-Appeal as written for the Memphis-Houston game this past Saturday:

[b]The Cougars, under first-year coach Tom Penders, have been transformed into an opponent to be feared.

They are 13-9 overall, 4-4 in Conference USA and, most important to today’s game, they are 9-1 at Hofheinz Pavillion, a venue with plenty of history for Tiger fans.

This fast-paced, long-range shooting bunch bears no resemblance to the deliberate Houston teams of Ray McCallum.

‘‘Watching the tape, 80-percent of their offense comes from their perimeter players and they just let it go,’’ (Memphis coach John) Calipari said. ‘‘This is one where you better run back, you better find somebody, you better guard somebody. In transition, they’ll take shots from the hash mark and if it goes down, you lose.’’

Louisville discovered as much, back on Jan. 5, when the Cougars hit 11 3s in a 70-67 upset.

In Houston’s 13 wins this season (the Cougars also beat LSU, handily), the Cougars shot 35.1 percent from 3-point range, vs. 30.4 percent in the losses.

The Cougars’ star guard, C-USA player of the year candidate Andre Owens, averages more than three made 3s per game and sophomore Lanny Smith, an emerging star on the wing, hits about 21/2 per game.

‘‘This is a tough game because they are going to shoot 25 threes, and if they make 13, 14, 15, you are losing,’’ Calipari said. ‘‘What you are hoping is, they are not making shots and you are rebounding well and getting yourself some easy baskets.’’

Owens is averaging 19.1 points in league games this year, tops in Conference USA, and his 26 points in Wednesday’s blowout of Saint Louis (one of the league’s best defensive teams) was his 10th game with 20 or more points this season.[/b]

Link: CommercialAppeal.com

Ironically, it was Memphis East High-product Brian Latham who lit up the Tigers for a career-high 22 points in leading Houston to its 1,000th win in school history and thus denying Calipari of picking up his 300th win as a collegiate coach.

This is a big-time red-letter danger game. Sandwiched in between a huge emotional home win and a road game at a venue that is traditionally tough to win at.

Hopefully the coaching staff will keep the momentum up and the players will not be looking ahead or reading the polls to see how many ORV’s we got. This is not the type of Houston team we are used to feasting on for the past five or so years. They definitely have better talent.

They sound scary. TCU shot really good long range. The coaches should fix whatever happened with TCU because it sounds like Houston has some Plavich wannabes.

This is a big game.

I’m worried about the hangover effect and dull atmosphere compared to cincy game with this one. Plus our perimeter defense sucks and they apparently shoot well.

They don’t really shoot well from outside, but they do very often, so if they are even a little bit “on” it’s a dangerous game.


Thanks for the ‘scouting’ report. Sounds as if Houston is like the Niners of a few years back, all guard play. With that, the Niners I think should not get in a 3 ball match but totaly exploit their inside. Mitch, Goldwire, and Eddie start. EJ, Curt, Nance and Iti should have a field day. Once they collapse on the post, hit’em with Plav in transition.


More on Houston from the Commercial-Appeal following the Cougars victory over the Memphis Tigers…

[b]''They (Houston Cougars) played an aggressive style that we didn't respond to,'' (Memphis head coach John) Calipari said after Saturday's loss, a game in which the Tigers trailed by just 1 with six minutes to go. ''It almost appeared like we were mad they were playing that way. We looked at each other when they tipped balls away and I was really disappointed.

Though Calipari was not complaining on Saturday, part of what he means by ‘‘aggressive style’’ is that pressure defensive teams like Houston, UAB and Louisville take whatever liberties officials allow – grabbing, slapping, bumping – to unnerve opponents.

Unwittingly, Houston coach Tom Penders seemed to confirm Calipari’s theory when talking about one of the keys to his team’s victory.

‘‘We’ve had games where we’ve been whistled out of it in the first half, but the last two ballgames the officials just let both teams play,’’ Penders said. ‘‘And that’s so crucial.’’[/b]

Link: CommercialAppeal.com

f*** dook - unc i would rather watch a replay of louisville @ charlotte last year from halton arena

go niners!!!