One of One Charlotte 49er Football

I know this has been discussed a few times here, but I haven’t been able to find it. My wife was at Concord Mills today and stopped in Final Score (back side by Bass Pro). This is where people have admired the work by One of One. Specifically, there was a football helmet painted. Through conversations today, my wife was told that that was the only helmet made so far. It is now the proud possession of one of my coworkers. My wife was told that they just got approval to make more helmets! They will be coming soon and priced a little lower ($180-220 est.). Right now they are selling posters that are similar to the banner hanging in the front window of the store. They are only $10 and they have a cool Inaugural Season logo on the bottom. I took a picture of my poster. Keep supporting this store and artist. This is great work!


Does that poster say “August 31, 2012” ?

[quote=“jfickett, post:2, topic:25187”]Does that poster say “August 31, 2012” ?[/quote]No. It has the correcet date. Also at the very bottom, I didn’t get in the picture the following two social networking links:


That facebook page has some pics of the new helmets.

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