Online Basketball Games

With midnight madness a month away I know some of us out-of-towners have a heck of a time trying to catch the games online. Someone mentioned last year about trying to get us set up on Justin TV…is that still possible? I am not tech savy, but I know some people on here can hook it up. When CS doesn’t work, we are screwed.
Our Athletic Department does a TERRIBLE job of online broadcasts…they know it’s 2010, right.

The videos on channel surfing are not hosted on channel surfing. Most of the videos there are linked to actually. Any time the home games were not showing on CS last year, it was because the stream from the AD (the one you have to pay $80 a year for) wasn’t working.

Like you, I will now have to rely on internet streams since I no longer live in the Charlotte area.

We have one of the more impressive internet streams that I’ve seen and I expect it to improve further this year. They just need to work on the reliability of the stream. I have no problems paying for it if I’m guaranteed better video quality and better reliability.

Any news on this? The season is around the corner and for us who don’t live in Charlotte this would really be helpful.

Also, what about

There has to be SOMEONE out there that can hook it up for us out of town folk.