Only way to turn this around!

Just had to respond to the ridicule (albeit lite-hearted) on “theman”.

Someone made a reference to him being an Inidana fan poster. Didn’t sound that way to me. Sounded like he actually cared about what was going on and wanted to express his opinion. That’s called a fan. Maybe not a four year degreed fan, but the last time I checked that wasn’t a requirement. Not that I totallly agree with what he or anyone else says, but that’s what the forum is meant to be…an outlet to express concerns and obtain information with other Charlotte fans.

I realize that most of the bashing is being done by current college “kids” and for the most part is humorous. However a couple comments show your ignorance, such as the “this guy means well but is really retarded…” response to his other post “Fans Have Gave Up”.

Look, I don’t want to get too focused on this but do want to express my concern. Not everyone is or will be educated in the way you might be, but (especially in our current funk) we can not afford to alienate any current or potential fans. Rest assured, “theman” will most likely not be posting here for a while after the responses he recieved from our most vocal fanbase. For those that it really matters, I am a Charlotte graduate of '98. Therefore, I apologize in advance for any misspellings or forgotten puncuation.

Now, LET’S KEEP THIS FORUM MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND GET PUMPED FOR OUR NATIONALLY TELEVISED GAME AGAINST INDIANA! That will ease our pain, if just a little, and hopefully come march we’ll be talking about what a horrible start we had and how suprised we are to be at the top of the A-10.

Go Niners!

Well said Ninerlove!

i’d like to apologize too. i know he meant well but i’ve been kind of frustrated lately with exams and what not. so yea he’s cool in my book.

[QUOTE=theman;144188][COLOR=green]Lutz has to play the bench everybody is talking bout are bench isnt as strong Lutz has Courtney Williams on the bench but he refuses to play him. I am not saying Williams should be playing over Withers but come on Withers is out there playing the whole game and he is getting like eight points. Alexander play well against Valpo but I mean we are getting everything from the outside we have to get stuff on the inside. Williams is a inside player and great rebounder. But nobody knows that because he isnt playing. EMAIL THAT TO LUTZ!!![/COLOR][/QUOTE]

This is the funniest post I have ever read on this site. He/She is definitely an English Major.

LOL- LOL again