Open Date Tweet

Just saw a tweet from Mike Hill that said Open Date is one of his favorite days of the year because he can sit and watch football all day!!


Welcome to our world. MUCH better to watch REAL football all day than to have to be subjected to Lambert’s product on the field. It feels like such a waste to go watch that when there is real football that you could be watching at home on tv.

Open Date should be the least fun weekend…if you miss getting a chance to see your team play. I hated the Panthers bye week last week because I wanted to watch the Panthers. With us…I’m glad we have an off week because it’s the one week we don’t have to worry about being embarrassed.



We generally recruit well against BYE.

6 home football games are 6 of the most stressful days of the year for an AD. The road games are no cake walk. Let’s cut the guy some slack. I get it.

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The last two season we won our pre bye week games. I wa on cloud nine two years ago after beating Marshall and stoked last year after beating UAB for 14 days.
I’d like that again.

Lambert will be fired in late November and we’ll figure it out again.