Opening night unis

Which unis for Thursday’s game? I do not think we will wear green helmets since we will probably wear those for the App game. I am thinking game jersey, gold pants and gold helmet

I’m guessing all whites with gold helmet.

Any combo…as long as it is with the Gold helmets.

Those should just be standard for all combos


I hope we wear gold helmets every game

We wear white unis for away games while the home team wear colors. We never wear white at home. Black and gold helmets will be later in the year and white helmets usually for away games.

Our best combo:


My favorite except the all black or black with gold helmet

Color scheme wise, they look good, but I’m so out on those green jerseys mostly because the number and letter fonts are awful and unreadable at a distance. Better than in the first couple seasons but just not legible enough, IMO. Our all whites with the crisp green letters and numbers look the best on TV, at least.

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If the weather is even remotely like this in Boone on Sept. 7th I’d say go all black for App. Make it as hard as possible on their QB’s eyes.

We have to wear white jerseys on the road. Home teams always wear their colors at home in football while in basketball the home team wears white

I thought App had asked to wear white jerseys for this game because it was a white out?

If that’s not the case then I’d do black helmet and pants. Make our guys look like App road game outfits. Basically do anything to confound their passing game. If we can disrupt their passing I have faith the D will hold up their run game to make it competitive.

App is doing a White Out. We should wear green. Between the fans and the players it would look like a NinerFest.

clt says the appys will be wearing white to support the niners

I hope we stay away from using black and gold in all sports. Looks too much like WF.


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A couple of uniform notes before Thursday’s game.

We will likely be wearing the 150th season of college football patch on our jerseys.

Conference USA is celebrating the 25th anniversary this year. I am guessing we will have a helmet sticker or something for that.


We will also have a “We Are All Niners” decal on the back of our helmets this season according to the game notes.

Marshall has been playing for 124 of the 150 years, Southern Miss for 107, and App State for 91. Charlotte has played 6. Just saying.

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Called it.

Usually road teams wear white, but the home team has the prerogative to wear white. They just have to let the visiting team know. In basketball, it’s the opposite. I believe appy will wear white in their rumored white out vs us.

clt says we should wear the whites all season. Very clean.

I’m not a big fan of white jerseys or the all white look, but if the players like it, I’m all for it.

But, as we all know, the gold helmets are straight :fire: