Orlando Sentinel CFB Countdown 2019

Starts off with our fellow pick axe wielding conference mate UTEP:

  1. Coastal Carolina ( Sun Belt)
  2. San Jose State (Mountain West)
  3. Georgia State (Sun Belt)
  4. UTSA (CUSA)
  5. Central Michigan (MAC)
  6. UMass (Independent)
  7. Rice (CUSA)
  8. New Mexico State (Independent)
  9. Akron (MAC)
  10. UConn (AAC)
  11. South Alabama (SBC)
  12. UTEP (CUSA)
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clt says UTEP should be demoted to sun belt,

Was curious so I looked up where we were ranked in this each year of FBS:

2015 - 111
2016 - 115
2017 - 126
2018 - 125
2019 - ?

3 CUSA teams in the bottom 10 so far

Nice downward trend there. At least it leveled off as we approached the bottom of the hole.

But that means we’re not bottom 3 in the conference. :wink:

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A couple regional Sun Belt schools came in over the weekend

We’re in at 118.


Haha “in the Sun Belt”, these rankings are fun but should never be taken seriously.

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I agree with their synopsis. Talent level must improve here. That’s not saying we don’t have good players, but we do lack depth. That said I do find us to be significantly better than 118.

Reality is we are gonna play a lot of bad teams this year. There is a very clear roadmap to bowl eligibility, even if we aren’t great. We must take advantage.

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If we finish that poorly, it will be a failure of the staff and the players. This should be a strong, if not deep team.

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we should bowl this season. no iffs and or butts about it.

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He’ll continue to get help from two-year starting offensive lineman Cameron Clark, who was the highest-graded run blocker in C-USA, according to Pro Football Focus.

Defensive end Alex Highsmith, who helps lead a potent defense, was Pro Football Focus’ 10th-highest-graded edge defender in the country (89.7 elite grade).

clt says it looks like we will have more nfl players in our future

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