OT: 3rd coach not the charm for Rodney?

George Karl’s arrival in Denver as this season’s third coach of the Nuggets hasn’t resulted in more playing time for Rodney White. In fact, White has yet to get off the bench!

From the Denver Post:

[b]Karl has used an eight-man rotation that favors veterans such as Greg Buckner and Bryon Russell. Nikoloz Tskitishvili and Rodney White did not play in Karl’s first two games, while DerMarr Johnson and Francisco Elson played only nine and five minutes, respectively. The coach said he intends to give more players a shot in the first half of games, but won’t if the Nuggets are down big early.

“I personally would like to see most of those guys hang in there with us,” he said. “Rodney and DerMarr and Skita probably have a future more than Buckner and Bryon. But they don’t make those little mistakes, the older guys, they know how to get hustle into the game. … I believe hustle is a talent. Sometimes when you’re frustrated and cloudy, hustle is more important than skill.”[/b]

Link: Denver Post

I cannot believe nobody has offered up a Conspiracy Theory on this one. :smiley:

I think it is possible that Rodney will get moved before the trade deadline. He has had his chances here but he just does not come through consistently. He does not seem to have made much of an impression on George Karl.

Rodney has actually taken a step backward since last year. There were a number of games last year where Rodney played a key role in a victory or kept the Nuggets in other games with his shooting. This year he has often been a liability when he does get playing time.

For whatever reasons, his confidence appears to be shot. The last straw was against Dallas recently. He airballed a game winning shot attempt. It was an open 20 footer.

Rodney is running out of chances to prove himself. If he is looking for guaranteed money, Europe might be his best option next year.

He has petitioned to have his name legally changed to Roney White.

I noticed this change in coach and thought it may be a positive. I’ve always thought Rodney most compared to Glenn Robinson. Glenn Robinson is not a good defender. But he was able to thrive in Milw. under Karl. Colorado49er, maybe you can offer this advice to Karl at some coaches show or e-mail question.

[b]Colorado49er, maybe you can offer this advice to Karl at some coaches show or e-mail question.[/b]

LMAO! :wacko:

he shoots to much, he is a ball hog, He is done!!

How bout we put Martin in a Rodney costume and ship him to denver? Than we sign Rodney under an alias?

what a joke… russell and buckner?? byron has been in the league over 15 years. His defense is overrated and he better have an open jump shot because he isn’t going to create his own shots… I remember when buckner played at clemson… he wasn’t awesomely impressive in the acc but got drafted late second round by the sixers and they he spent some time in dallas, although he was never mentione. But rodney has just gotta catch his break… he plays behind anthony and martin who are two headline players… no future in denver

[i]Originally posted by NinerUpNorth[/i]@Feb 1 2005, 06:21 PM [b]
[b]Colorado49er, maybe you can offer this advice to Karl at some coaches show or e-mail question.[/b]

LMAO! :wacko: [/b]

I meant it as a joke but I forgot to add one of the cute smilies winking. :wink:


I figured you were joking.

Coach Bzdelik used to participate in a call in show early on Tuesday mornings. I don’t know if Karl is doing it or not.

When Buzz was on the show, the announcers would not let anybody through who asked the coach a tough question or had critical comments.

Rodney did not usually come up. In the past, Buzz was not complimentary of Rodney’s practice habits. I have not heard that comment recently.