OT: A little bit of Olean in North Carolina

[b]Local residents may not want to hear this a few months from now when they’re buried in snow up to their ears and shaking from the bitter Western New York winter, but Olean and Charlotte, N.C., really aren’t all that different.

OK, so there are a few differences. In one night Olean can get more snow than Charlotte gets all year. Also, the average household income for a Charlotte home is about $20,000 more than it is in Olean.

However, thanks to the work of former Olean resident Christopher Branch and his Charlotte-based real estate development business, The Boulevard Company, the two vastly different cities will soon share a common downtown bond.

By the end of the year, Mr. Branch and his company will begin construction on SouthEnd ShowPlace, a new commercial development site located between South Church Street and West Summit Avenue in Charlotte. The design for the project is inspired by Olean’s own North Union Street.[/b]

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