OT: Charlotte nightlife site question

Sorry for this dumb question, but a long time ago, someone from Charlotte on the CUSA board posted a link to LazyDay.net for some reason. I visited it and got hooked on the site.

Last week I got home from vacation and the site seems to have vanished. Does anybody know what happened?


i don’t know what happened to that one, but i think there is another one now called

I was able to log onto Lazy Day this morning.

Bearcat85 in order for you to logon on you must first locate the key maker.

Bearcat85 one last note on the site. There server was down this weekend. I will now reinstate you in the Matrix. Play nice! :fastgun:

You’re right - I just got on. Thanks!

another good local site for a gratuitous hooter shot is Lake Norman Fun

[i]Originally posted by s9er[/i]@Jun 22 2004, 08:14 AM [b]another good local site for a gratuitous hooter shot is [url=http://www.lknfun.com/album.aspx]Lake Norman Fun[/url][/b]
Thanks but no thanks for this site. Too many examples of artificial enhancement and too many cans of Bud Light in peoples hands.

bud light is for women and guys who have small wangs. clt drinks beast ice.

Bearcat85 - I’m glad I could help you out. The Lake Norman site is a little cheesy, in my opinion. I prefer a hot girl drinking a cold Natural light. Now that’s sexy!! :wub: